What is the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Programme?

Originally developed at Google, the SIY programme uses attention and mindfulness training to help people build the emotional intelligence skills needed for sustained peak performance, strong collaboration, and effective leadership. SIY takes a science-based approach that combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 


The program starts with a highly interactive two-day in-person in-class session that is approximately one-third content and two-thirds experiential exercises. This is followed by a 28-day digital practice period to cement their learning and help build new habits, The practice period concludes with a one-hour webinar, where participants can share about their experience, ask questions, and discuss next steps.

Since its creation, SIY has been taught in over 150 cities and is regularly taught on every continent besides Antarctica.


What can I expect from the programme?

Here's a short video introduction that gives you a glimpse into the programme:



Does it work?

The latest impact report with data from over 1,500 Search Inside Yourself global program participants demonstrates the positive impact the program has on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, resilience, stress management, empathy and many more dimensions. Download the full report here:

Who is the right audience for the SIY Programme?

While this depends on the client’s needs and interests, the SIY program has worked well for a variety of audiences:

  • Leaders: SIY is a leadership program and works very well for executive teams and senior leaders. For some clients, the SIY program has been integrated into a year-long senior leadership training (in one case, SIY was early on in the year and both the leaders and their coaches attended the program)

  • Teams/ Divisions: the SIY program can be offered to a specific team or rolled out within a business unit or division of a company. Because the program creates a sense of connection and community over the two days, it can be a powerful program to share with teammates. You can take time at the end for discussion and brainstorming of if/how the team wants to carry on what they learned as new practices or team norms.

  • New managers: This transition into management requires people to increase their self-awareness and their ability to understand and work with others, so the SIY program is powerful as a training program for new managers.

  • Recent graduates: We’ve also offered the SIY program to recent graduates (e.g. as part of a post-college rotational program within in an organization). It’s great to give recent grads a time for reflection and to build fundamental EQ skills early in their career.

  • Anyone/ Open-Enrollment: SIY started as an open-enrollment program at Google and has been successful there and in other companies. The program is open to anyone that wants to take it and draws a cross-section of participants from throughout the organization.

For any audience, a piece of feedback we frequently receive from participants is that they feel really cared for by their employer since the SIY program addresses them as a full-person. If an organization is looking for deeper organizational change or culture improvement, then starting at a senior level tends to work best since the tone for an organization is set at the top.


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