Guided Mindfulness Sessions

We facilitate mindfulness practice sessions designed for executives in a quiet, private, non-religious, and non-judgmental environment. Our science-based techniques are facilitated by certified facilitators and use a combination of sounds, silence, gestures, and gentle body movements. According to the American Psychological Association, empirically supported evidence of the benefits include stress reduction, increased immune functioning, improved overall well-being, enhanced self-insight, enhanced intuition, boosts to working memory, and improved attention and focus.


Here's why leading organizations around the globe are investing in mindfulness:

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If you would like to sample a guided mindfulness  practice session, please contact us with your details below and we will be in touch with details of our next session. To ensure the effectiveness of our sessions, we are keeping each meet to an optimal number of participants. Our Mindfulness Practice Meets are funded by donations, and proceeds go toward needful charitable causes. 

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